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Clinic and Specialty

Dr.Maryam Tavasoli

Cardiology subspecialist

Dr.GholamHossein Agami

Pediatric Cardiology Subspecialist

Dr.Sasan Afifi

Cardiology subspecialist

Dr.Saeed Salehpour

Cardiology subspecialist

Dr.Yadolah Mahmoudi

Cardiology subspecialist

Dr.Elham Karimpour

Audiometric specialist

Dr. Shafiian


Dr. Haghighi

Nephrology and urology subspecialist

Dr.Kazem Haghbin

Gastroenterology subspecialist

Dr.Abdolkarim Rahmanian

Surgeon and neurologist

Dr.Masoomeh Gerami

Rehabilitation specialist and neurophysiologist

Dr.Farzad Hedayati

Internal medicine specialist

Dr.Mansour Hosseini

Rheumatology subspecialist

Dr.Khalil Zarabi

Cardiovascular surgeon

Dr.Ahmad Madani

Pediatrician and neonatologist

Dr.Esmail Sadeghi

Pediatric infectious disease specialist

Dr.Mansour Ansari

Radiologist and oncologist

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